Tradition at a Pause

Every year Elvis and I host a Three Kings celebration at our home. Artists, family and art family join us over spiked hot chocolate as we cut into the Rosca straight from Elvis’ oven. It is a tradition I brought from my Mexican family to my New York family.

The main event is the cutting of the Rosca, which is a little bit like Russian roulette with bread, a segregated knife and a few hidden plastic baby Jesuses, look it up.

This year much like most traditions we have to reimagine them or just plan to continue them in better times. We will miss the warmth and presence of our friends and mourn the passing of Elvis’ father “Pedrito” who never missed an event.

Cheers to tradition. We raise our cup of spiked Mexican “Abuelita” hot chocolate with optimism and absolute joy in the memories of our past feasts, ever so present in our hearts now.

Here are a few of our favorite pictures from recent years.