Postcard from Miami Art Week

Greetings from memories of a warmer place,

I am still processing the amazing energy of Art Basel / Miami Art Week 2016. It was a great experience with an amazing team. I was able to briefly sneak out of my booth at X Contemporary to see some other fairs; Untitled and Pulse are the goal to show my work and curate for next year.

While I waited for the hordes of art buyers to come I made this collage, “Sketch of Miami No1: Patience Fruit”. Patience is a real thing in the art hustle!

Mount Gay Rum hosted a special VIP cocktail hour at my booth. It was great to have my own VIP within the VIP, you must join us next time.

There are a few “Alter In Miami” Limited Edition prints available.

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Thanks for your continued support and rooting for the Artists, I can hear you loud and clear!

Cheers, MARTIN

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