Solo Show: Forging Monuments

ACS Gallery presents Luis Martin (Art Engineer) in the first solo show of his career curated by Sergio Gomez. Luis Martin, brings to Chicago a body of work that highlights his robust collage practice. This exhibition gives center stage to the Artist’s talent of constructing memorable imagery that explores personal and shared histories.

The title Forging Monuments focuses on the ephemeral nature of working with paper while asserting the gravitas of the ideas at the center each work of artwork. The collages are loaded with none-linear narrative and composed from the periphery or scraps of printed material to assert identity. The collages become substrates for ambitious ideas and possibilities about art and a life lived in alternate gravities.

The collages are tightly executed with a clear and poetic point of view. Martin’s collages often serve the Artist as sketches or studies for paintings. The show displays a handful of these paintings that explore the dynamics between using one medium to interpret another. The paintings are a balance of tight realisms juxtaposed with the liberty of paint and brushwork.

Luis Martin is a L.A. born New York based Artist and Curator. He created the term “Art Engineer” to expand his reach as a culture maker and use his creative practice to approach art as a business, create community and thrive as an Artist. He is the founder and Chief Curator of Parenthesis Art Space.

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ACS Gallery is housed in a one of the most diverse art communities and distinguished locations in the Zhou B Art Center/Museum. This rich artist community makes in-person visits a unique opportunity and culturally rewarding experience. Renée LaVerné Rose is founder & curator offering artists exhibition opportunities, curatorial projects, and artist residencies. The gallery exhibits an eclectic mixture of creative mediums, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs and digital prints. The gallery explores a blend of internationally known to local emerging artists. This fresh range of eclectic artistic styles is inviting for our guest and culturally rich.

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