Parallel Lives: NYC/Chicago

I am curating a series of traveling exhibitions called Parallel Lives. Each show will be a dialoge between New York and another Artist community around the globe. The premier show will take place in Chicago at the Zhou B Art Center with Art NXT Level gallery. Opening May 20, 2016 in Chicago and In NYC June 4 during Bushwick Open Studio Part 1.


Chicago Opening - Friday May 20, 2016 at Next Level Gallery

New York Opening - Saturday June 4, 2016 at Parenthesis Art Space

Parenthesis Art Space is pleased to present PARALLEL LIVES, a traveling exhibition series that swaps Artists work between two distinct cities to initiate conversation and context about Artist’s practices and their communities.

Parallel Lives is created and curated by Luis Martin, Founder and Chief Curator of Parenthesis Art Space currently located at Brooklyn Brush Studios in Brooklyn. The exhibition kicks off in Chicago at Next Level Gallery at the Zhou B Art Center co-curated by Sergio Gomez, Founder and Director of NXT Level Projects.

This collaboration invites the audience of both cities to think about art and the Artists that made the work in terms of context and questions the influence of place and time. Furthermore, the PARALLEL LIVES series will create a platform to expand the Artist’s reach to forge a wider sense of community and visibility.

Both events coincide with established community art events. The Chicago opening will occur on May 20th, during “Third Fridays”, a longstanding monthly program initiated by Sergio Gomez that has created a robust audience around the Artists at the Zhou B Art Center. The New York opening takes center stage in Bushwick during an annual weekend summer arts festival, that is now a major attraction for the New York art audience.

Talks are currently in place for exchanges with Artist communities in Santurce, Puerto Rico and Mexico City, Mexico.

For press inquiries and Artists list, contact Luis Martin at 1+(917) 538-0364.

For information in Chicago contact Sergio Gomez at 1+(708) 837-4534

For general inquiries, contact Parenthesis Art Space at

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