Art Basel: An Exercise in Thinking Big

It had been my personal and professional goal to show my work during Miami Art Week/ Art Basel in 2015. The idea came about in a conversation with one of my collectors after I had mentioned she and I should both go to the fair in the coming year. I meant nothing by it other than I loved the idea of partying with her. She responded rather dryly “ I would only go if you are showing.” Her respond became the impetus for an exciting goal driven journey in 2015.

I set wheels in motion by painting, elevating my practice and sharing my new goal. I spoke to anyone and everyone about Art Basel Miami, knowing well that opportunity is always closer that you know. I cold called people in the art word and even stopped random arty people on my train ride home. I eventually came about meeting a generous curator who had a collogue cuarting a show for the Spectrum Art Fair. I was in! Elated and thrilled to dive into my art practice I came across an opportunity to curate a booth at X Contemporary debuting during Art Basel this year. I jumped on the opportunity and curated a show with four stellar Artists. I had worked with in the past through my gallery Parenthesis Art Space in Brooklyn.

I bought my tickers to Miami long before I know I would be showing or would be an exhibitor. In my head I was ready to show my work and experience Art Basel week. I was ready to see art, be inspired, meet people and party. That changed as soon as I became an exhibitor and I wouldn’t of had it any other way. I prepared myself to curate an exquisite show and work. Being an Artist informs my curating decisions. Just like I create my work, I curate with a discerning eye. I look to promote art work that comes from an authentic curiosity of material and subject. The booth at X Contemporary needed to be a celebration of the possibility and potential that exists in art making.

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