Solo Show in 

Mérida, Mexico

"Raices de Papel" or "Paper Roots" consists of 16 collages that are my field notes and stories of my fist visit to Mexico and  how my roots did not allow me to just sit and watch with my arms crossed. Instead they enveloped me and carried me beyond nostalgia and the past into a thriving world that is and had always been in everything I do and will ever do. 




An emerging artist's perspective and wax poetic monologues. 

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Join my live “Collage Happy Hour NYC” every Sunday during quarantine. I will be sharing my processes, with good music and shout outs to special artist!  

Sundays at 1pm on instagram 


or view the process on IGTV here

every sunday 1pm EST

on instagram



Luis Martin 

Luis Martin/ The Art Engineer is a Collage artist, Podcaster and New Age Capitalist. He creates with the “hustler’s” essence of his home base, New York City and keeps tuned in and inspired with his native California soul. 


Step into his collage work and loose yourself in a fantasy. Listen in to his podcast or join in on the process via his vlog. All his channels of creation offer an abundance of possibility and empowerment. 

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