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Tarot / Major Arcana 2023

The Luis Martin Arcana is my interpretation of the major Arcana or the “Fool’s Journey”. Each card represent one of the 22 archetypal emanations of our human experience. My art work and studio practice is my soul work and the best way in which I connect with the Divine. As artists we can be shiny funnels that reflect the ineffable in our own voice.  


Each set is composed of 22 cards from the Major arcana measuring 2.75 x 4.75 inches on 12pt 320gsm  card stock.

The arcana is illustrated through a collage that embodies the core ideas and energies of each major archetype. 

Each card denotes the element, planetary symbol and corresponding Hebrew letter. 


Along with the deck you receive a booklet with my personal insights on each card that I funneled in the creation of each collage. 

1 The Magician .png
Arcana Table Top.png
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