"Walking to the Studio" 

Top Secret 

Project Draft

Series Synopsis 

Follow artist Luis Martin / The Art Engineer as he connects with artist and culture makers to talk about art and how it plays an important part of making sense of the world around us. Walk with us to explore new ideas, forms of art and meet new friends. 

Shows structure


Show opens:

Martin poses a question via monolog while collaging or working in the studio. 


Core of show:

Two guests per show will contribute to answering the question at hand. 

Guest A will always be a visual artist. 

Shoot location: Artist’s Studio 


Guest B will be a culture maker: Writer, activist, chief , entrepreneur.

Shoot location: Discussing over coffee or at the person's place of work.  


Each guest will give Martin paper or material to collage into the work he is working on that relates to the question of the episode. 


B roles: Martin walking to locations, close up of NYC streets, epic NYC landscapes 

Show closes:

 Martin coming to an open ended answer to the question and finishing the collage of the episode. 


Duration of show:  15-20 mins / 3 to 5 episodes in 1st series

Visual References: 

Collage, cinema verite, Anthony Bourdaine 

This is not the best example of Bourdain's work. However I love it,  and want to emulate from this:


-genuine connection with people 

-an home in the world / his own skin 


The filming supports all of this with cinematic power. 

This best example of this is his last visit to Italy. 

It was 100 time more developed and well produced. It is not on Youtube, it is on Netflix. 

This is on another level of filming and editing. 

It is my favorite episode in the series Abstract, featuring set designer Es Delvin .

What I want to emulate from this show is:

-cool effect

-story telling 

-experimental editing and graphics 


When I studied film for a semester before coming to New York I fell in love with Cinema Verite. It is the origins of reality t.v. at its purest form.  

What want to emulate from this is:


-fly on the wall perspective 

-mix of smooth edit with contrast camera work. 


-experimental POV

Potential Guest Pairings


Arlene Davila 


Latinx Art: Artist Markets Politics 

Juan the magician .jpeg

Juan Hinojosa


Collage Artist