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Paper Roots 2022

Raíces de Paper 2022

This calendar is a collection of collages created by the artist Luis Martin /
The Art Engineer. Each month is an eruption of colors and textures that celebrate the artist’s love for his Mexican-American roots and the Latinx diaspora. Make 2022 a year full of joy and adventure.

+12 full colored original collages by Luis Martin

+Dates Noted include all Latin American Independence Day, Puerto Rican Patronal Festival, and other POC dates of note.

+12 x 12 inches 

+Pre-Order Now Delivered: the first week of December 2021

About the Artist: 

Luis Martin born in Los Angeles California, is an artist who calls himself “The Art Engineer” as a way to approach his role as “artist” from a place of agency and from the studio outward. Though collage, podcast, youtube tutorials, and social media, Luis creates community by showing how art making can empower the individual and make the collective whole stronger. / / @ArtEngineer

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