Paper Roots 2022 / Raíces de Paper 2022

My visit to Merida in 2020 was in part an escape from the US.  From a need to feel surrounded by familiar places and friendly face even though I knew no one and I had never been here. I wanted to sit in the parks where my grandmother strolled. I wanted walk by the house my father and aunt lived in the first years of their lives. Like a scientist or anthologist, I allowed myself to take in everything fully, but promised myself not to touch, interrupt or question the order of things.


These collages are a continuation of my field notes from first visit. They are stories of how my roots did not allow me to just sit and watch with my arms crossed. Instead, they enveloped me and carried me beyond nostalgia and the past into a thriving world that is in everything I do, have done and will ever do.

About the Artist: 

Luis Martin born in Los Angeles California, is an artist who calls himself “The Art Engineer” as a way to approach his role as “artist” from a place of agency and from the studio outward. Though collage, podcast, youtube tutorials, and social media, Luis creates community by showing how art making can empower the individual and make the collective whole stronger. / / @ArtEngineer