Mirror of 100 Faces

Collage, to me, is the most democratic art practice one can create. It is political, accessible and spiritual. My collage work is a stream of conscience practice, that allows me to explore narratives that emerge after each piece is completed. My appropriation of each image gives me the power to show my very personal point of view with a myriad of synchronicities and coded visual language. I created the term “The Art Engineer” to remind myself of the power artists have to “engineer” and show the possibilities of a “self-defined” reality. By fusing and collaging Meso-American imagery with contemporary paper ephemera, in my ongoing series “Mirror of a Hundred Faces” I elicit conversations about the transitional nature of identity and its inextinguishable heart freed from political strain.

For more information contact the Artist Studio at Martin@LuisMartinArt.com