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The Other Art Fair Brooklyn

May 18 - 21, 2023

A shrine to the music of my childhood and the legacy of my Mexican roots.


When I was a kid my grandmother worked at Tower Records pressing vinyls. She collected the rejected records and used them to decorate our little studio apartment in DTLA. Her love for music and life seemed to make the walls of our home sing. Booth 34 at the Other Art Fair is a shrine to that enchanted space. The collection of square LP inspired prints, analog collages, along with my record player and some of my favorite Latinx albums create an immersive “Analog Experience”. 


The 4 x 8 ft exhibition space becomes an open studio and quasi record shop. Visitors are invited to “flip” through collages, listen to music, and walk away with a free printed Collage Manifesto.  There is nothing more important in this post pandemic and Neo-A.I. era than our creativity and humanity.  As an artist I live at the cross section of Indigenous Futurism, Magical Realism and a full expression of the American dream. 

Booth 34 L
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Booth 34

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