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Paper Roots Projection

The past illuminates the path to the future now

101 Gate.png

When I was a kid, I use to sneak out of my house in the middle of the night. The underpass of the LA 101 Freeway was like the gateway into the broader world. It was the threshold and rubicon from boredom and captivity into the jungle of unlimited possibilities. 

I want to project my work on personal landmarks that symbolically led my journey as an artist. The activation of the space will create an immersive experience that pushes analog collage and brings to life a primordial call for adventure. 

Screenshot 2023-03-29 at 6.23_edited.jpg

Gated Community I lived in

Screenshot 2023-03-29 at 6.23_edited.jpg

101 Underpass across the street.

Calendar Art


Using shows like Halles des Lumiere and Art House, the Paper Roots collage series will be activated through computer graphics and artificial intelligence to create an environment. 

Calendar Art
Calendar Art

Paper Roots Series 

This is an on-going collage series that began after my visit to Mexico in 2021. In part an escape from the US, and need to feel surrounded by familiar places and friendly faces even though I knew no one and I had never been there. I wanted to sit in the parks where my grandmother strolled. I wanted to walk by the house my father and aunt lived in the first years of their lives. Like a scientist or anthropologist, I allowed myself to take in everything fully, but promised myself not to touch, interrupt or question the order of things. 

These collages are love letters to my Mexican heritage and the Latinx diaspora. The works of art are the field notes and stories of how my roots do not allow me to just sit and watch with my arms crossed. Instead, they compel me and fill me with purpose to go beyond nostalgia and contribute to a world in dire need of love and light. These paper roots that I have found now form a vital part in everything I do, have done and will ever do. 

Collaborate with me to make this happen. 

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